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When cloning or moving sites from one location to another, it is sometimes necessary to manually modify data in the database to make the new site URL information to be recognized properly.

After moving a website or moving from HTTP to HTTPs, changing your domain name, migrating from local server to live site, or transferring to a subdomain, you’ll need to know how to change your WordPress site URL in database, to make the new site URL information to be recognized properly.

Easy Update URLs free plugin lets you fix old URLs in content, excerpts, links, and custom fields.

  • Easy Update URLs free plugin lets you fix old URLs. Users can choose to update links embedded in content, excerpts, or custom fields
  • Users can choose whether to update links for attachments
  • View how many items were updated
The Easy Update URLs plugin for WordPress provides several advantages, including:

Simple and easy to use: The plugin is user-friendly and does not require technical skills to use.

Save time and effort: Updating URLs manually can be time-consuming and laborious, but with the Easy Update URLs plugin, you can update all URLs in just a few clicks.

Prevent broken links: Updating URLs manually can lead to broken links, which can negatively impact your website’s user experience and SEO. The plugin ensures that all URLs are updated correctly and prevents broken links.

Improve SEO: The Easy Update URLs plugin helps improve your website’s SEO by ensuring that all URLs are consistent and up-to-date.

Overall, the Easy Update URLs plugin is a valuable tool for any WordPress website owner who wants to ensure that their URLs are up-to-date, consistent, and SEO-friendly.

You can download the WordPress plugin  for free on this page.


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